We are what we are today because of the people that work with and for us. As a Super Specialty hospital with multiple clinics across Chennai, the KKR Group by way of achievements, standards of operation, facilities available and quality of medical research, set very high benchmarks in the ENT domain.


At the KKR Group we are constantly looking for the brightest and finest minds in the ENT domain to join our ever-growing team. As an organization we provide the right environment and the right opportunities to develop and grow in your chosen medical niche. Needless to mention, a lending hand and guidance from senior doctors and consultants are a given when you join us making your journey towards professional excellence enriching.
If you are considering a career at the KKR ENT Group of ENT Hospitals and Clinics, we would like to hear from you.



We are successfully running a two year fellowship program starting from the year 2021.The current intake is two candidates per year.The main focus of the fellowship is to groom young budding ENT Surgeons into confident clinicians & able surgeons.Interested candidates can apply when called for.


The KKR ENT Hospital & Research Institute has been conducting ‘Temporal Bone Dissection’ courses twice a year for the last 30 years. This course is the longest running program all over India and has been held without a break from 1986. These courses are held in the months of February and October. The general details are as follows:

  • The total numbers of participants are restricted to 20.   
  • The 20 participants are divided into 10 tables of 2 participants each.
  • Each table would be provided with a microscope, temporal bone holder, temporal bones and required hand pieces and burs.
  • Each participant will do dissection on dry temporal bones.  
  • Each participant will be given 4 dry temporal bones which they can dissect over a 2 day period.
  • The course will consist of Dry Temporal Bone Dissection demonstrations, Cadaver Temporal Bone Dissection demonstrations and Video demonstrations of Middle Ear Procedures.
  • Each participant will dissect each temporal bone systematically and under supervision to gain the maximum knowledge of temporal bone anatomy in these 2 days.

Kindly send us an email to kkrenthospital@gmail.com with your details to enroll yourself in the course. We look forward to your participation.

The KKR ENT Hospital & Research Institute offers surgical fellowships for ENT Surgeons and Residents from all round the world. We are happy to welcome you for this fellowship training.    The areas of fellowship would be:
  1. Middle Ear Surgery
  2. Cochlear Implant
  3. Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

We are happy to welcome you to the KKR ENT Hospital & Research Institute, Chennai, for fellowship training. The fellowship will be for duration of 15 / 30 days. We will provide you with accommodation in a single air conditioned bedroom apartment with a kitchenette, TV and complimentary Wi-Fi at the KKR ENT Super Specialty hospital, Maduravoyal, Chennai. During the time you spend at our Institute we will provide you with 20 dry Temporal Bones and allow you to use our Temporal Bone Laboratory for dissection. The approximate schedule will be as follows:

  • The Operation Theatre functions between 7am to 12 noon (approx) daily.
  • There is an average of 10 to 15 operations every day.
  • You will be in the theatre everyday between 7am to 12 noon (approx) (from Monday to Saturday)
  • You will be able to observe and you will eventually assist various procedures.
  • There will be no formal hands-on surgical training, however, during this time you will be allowed to perform some steps under supervision.
  • After the operation theatre is complete, you will spend a few hours at the Temporal Bone Laboratory.

You will also have access to other departments of the hospital including out patients, Audiology, Investigations and the Cochlear Implant rehabilitation centre. Please send an email to kkrenthospital@gmail.com for further details and to fix a suitable time for your visit.  We are happy to work with you to ensure that your visit to KKR ENT Hospital lives up to all your expectations.

If you have any expectations other than what is mentioned above, please write to us and we will be happy to discuss the same with you.

We will also be happy to provide you with required letters and documents for your visa purpose. We also regularly conduct workshops on different aspects of ENT for ENT practitioners both in India and abroad. Kindly write to us for further details.