Patient Centricity

One of the cornerstones on which the KKR group was built was patient centricity. It is a core value that we as a medical organization understand and believe in from the very beginnings. It is also the very reason we still hold the flag of the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ high, and why we believe passionately that the medical fraternity has an obligation to our fellow humans and our patients.

Vastly experienced doctors

At KKR ENT, we pride ourselves in having the best. We have the finest doctors in the field of ‘Ear, Nose and Throat’ ailments and treatments working or consulting with us. Besides the unmatched and vast experience our consultants bring to the table, some have been at the forefront of advancements in their specific medical niches – with over a 1000 surgeries to their credit and/or co-authoring books.

Disciplined research

Research is the foundation of each and every medical advancement being made across the world today. And our commitment to scientific research is unwavering in its intensity and approach. We also believe it is our responsibility to expand the frontiers of scientific understanding, make orbital shifts and bring the most tangible medical research-breakthroughs to the benefit of our patients.

Founding Team

Dr. K.K.Ramalingam M.B.B.S, DLO, FRCS - Founder and Chairman

Prof. Ramalingam is the Founder and Chairman of KKR Group of ENT Hospital and Clinics

As one of India’s leading ENT surgeon engaged in training, research and treatment, Dr. Ramalingam is recognized by the medical community for his dedication to elevating Indian ENT healthcare to global standards. A much sought-after teacher and mentor to ENT surgeons, Dr. Ramalingam is considered as the father of modern ear surgery in India. He has been instrumental in organizing temporal bone workshops and trainings at Chennai for postgraduate medical students and junior ENT surgeons from all over India and the world since the 1980s.

Dr. Ramalingam graduated from the Madras Medical College, Chennai in 1961 and went on to complete his post graduation in ENT at the same college in 1963. He received his FRCS from Edinburgh in 1967. He is now an Honorary Professor and was the HOD of ENT at the Madras Medical College as well.

His special interests include Head and Neck surgery and middle ear surgeries. A pioneer in ear surgeries, he aims at comprehensive treatments both surgical and non-surgical, with an emphasis on diagnosis.

Prof. Ramalingam is a member of numerous professional bodies and is the founding member of the Indian Society of Otology. He was the President of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India in 1988 and the President of the Indian Society of Otology in 1998.He has been the recipient of many awards both in India and abroad.

He has several peer-reviewed publications to his credit and has delivered hundreds of lectures and orations, both nationally and internationally. His undergraduate textbook in ENT - ‘A short practice of Otorhinolaryngology’ is popular amongst students and is being followed in many of the Indian medical colleges and universities. He is also the author of ‘A Manual of Temporal Bone dissection’, which is currently used, by postgraduate students and junior residents alike as they step into the realm of Otologic surgery.


Dr. Ravi Ramalingam M.B.B.S, M.S, FRCS, DNB (ENT) - Senior Consultant and Managing Director

Dr. Ravi, son of Prof. K.K.Ramalingam is presently the Managing Director and Senior Consultant of the KKR group of ENT Hospitals and Clinics. Dr. Ravi acquired his MBBS at the Madras Medical College, Chennai in the year 1991 and went on to do his post graduation from the prestigious Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal in 1994. He is also a Fellow of the International Medical Science Academy and a Fellow of the Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (2006).
Dr. Ravi’s approach to the profession is simple, as he has committed himself to a lifetime of clinical excellence. He follows strong evidence-based methodology in treatments and adheres to strict protocols and guidelines in patient care.

Otology is his subspecialty of choice, but he has also developed clinical and surgical skills in subspecialties like advanced endoscopic skull base surgery, voice surgery and laryngotracheal surgeries. His special interests include Implantation Otology, Middle Ear Surgery, and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.

Dr. Ravi has to his credit over 2000 cochlear implants performed. He is also a faculty mentor for various countries in South Asia for cochlear implants. He is one of the pioneers in India to adopt Minimally Invasive Retrosigmoid Approach (MIRA) surgeries for various procedures like the Brainstem implant, vestibular neurectomy etc.

He is currently elected as the President of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI) for the year 2017. He is the secretary of the Indian Society of Otology (ISO) and is also a life member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

Regularly invited as a Guest Speaker and Guest Faculty at various ENT-oriented events in India and abroad, Dr. Ravi has been a delegate to multiple medical conferences across the world. He has also published several ENT research papers and book chapters. A sought-after trainer and mentor to ENT surgeons, Dr. Ravi regularly organizes workshops in various aspects of ENT at Chennai for postgraduate medical students and junior ENT surgeons from all over India and world.


Vision and Mission

"The Vision and Mission of KKR Group of ENT Hospitals and Clinics is to provide QUALITY PATIENT CARE with UNRELENTING ATTENTION TO CLINICAL EXCELLENCE, PATIENT SAFETY and an UNPARALLELED PASSION AND COMMITMENT to ensure the very best ENT healthcare for those we serve.”


  • 1968 - Prof. K.K.Ramalingam starts his outpatient practice
  • 1973 - Prof K.K. Ramalingam starts a 6-bedded ENT Nursing Home (Now known as the KKR ENT Hospital & Research centre) at Kilpauk, Chennai, India.
  • 1986 - Our temporal bone dissection course starts this year and is continuing until now, twice a year with participants from all over the globe
  • 1988 - Prof K.K.Ramalingam is elected as the president of the Indian Association of Otolaryngologist (IAO).
  • 1991 - Indian Society of Otology (ISO) was founded by Prof K.K. Ramalingam.
  • 1994 - We start Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) for the treatment of diseases of sinus and nose, probably pioneers in India at that time!
  • 1996 - We admit our first batch of DNB trainees.
  • 1998 - Our first Peripheral Clinic- KKR ENT Medical Centre was started at Velachery, Chennai
  • 1999 - We start using carbon dioxide LASER in the field of ENT
  • 2001 - The first Cochlear Implant performed on a postlingual adult patient.
  • 2002 - The first Cochlear Implant performed on a post lingual child patient.
  • 2006 - First BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) implantation performed.
  • 2006 - First fully implantation Hearing Implant – The Otologics – MET Implantation performed. The KKR ENT Hospital was the first in South Asia to perform these operations.
  • 2008 - The first Bilateral Cochlear Implant performed on a postlingual adult.
  • 2010 - The first Bilateral Cochlear Implant performed on a post-lingual child.
  • 2012 - KKR ENT Hospital & Research Institute performs an implantation – Advanced Bionics Neptune Processor. This is the latest in the range Of Cochlear Implant available in the market.
  • 2013 - KKR ENT Super Speciality Hospital at Maduravoyal is started with state-of-the-art ENT facilities.
  • 2016 - MIRA (Minimally Invasive Retrosigmoid Approach) surgeries starts. We successfully complete few Brainstem Implants, Surgeries for vestibular neurectomy, Hemifacialspasm and trigeminal neuralgia.
  • 2017 - Dr Ravi Ramalingam has been elected as the president elect of the Indian Association of Otolaryngologist (AOI), probably the youngest ever!
  • 2017 – Construction for a new KKR ENT Hospital in Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai
  • 2018 – Dr Ravi Ramalingam becomes the youngest unopposed AOI(Association of Otorhinolaryngologists of India) President
  • 2019 – Inauguration of the KKR ENT Medical Centre at Karapakkam,OMR by Prof.K.K.Ramalingam.
  • 2019 – Dr Ravi Ramalingam becomes the Vice President of ISO(Indian Society of Otology)
  • 2020 – Our Hospital was equipped with CBCT(Cone Beam Computerized Tomography) which is low time consuming, high-quality, affordable CT-Scan


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